An Inspiring Story: Estee Lauder

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder.

A truly inspiring woman, company, brand and quote.


The story of how Estee Lauder became a smell so distinctive is one that is inspiring and gives you passion and desire to succeed in everything you work for.

Before Estee Lauder was a recognisable, successful brand it began with the woman herself. With the Estee Lauder company being created in 1935, it took twelve years to get the products into stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue , Macy’s and Bonwit Teller. It all began with a scent called ‘Youth Dew’ a smell so strong it doubled as a bath oil.

During the 1940’s Estee Lauder spent majority of her time travelling to department store, after department store, waiting trying to convince the big names such as Saks Fifth Avenue to take in the products and sell Estee Lauder cosmetics. Youth Dew was the scent  that for years was shutdown and not connecting with the department stores.

However it all began with a drop. Estee Lauder decided to take it upon herself, and let the customers of the department stores see what they were missing out on. As she was leaving a department store in the middle of the cosmetic counters, Estee Lauder “accidentally” dropped a bottle of perfume, allowing for the scent to escape, surrounding the store being all that the customers could smell.

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Of course this was a smell so distinctive that customers wanted it and couldn’t stop asking for it. From that moment Estee Lauder is a brand in all major department stores worldwide. The product Youth Dew was introduced in 1953 and in the first year of its introduction, it sold over fifty thousand units. It became an instant success and resulted into sharing 80% of company’s business.

This story is one that when I heard responded to me, to urges me to push and work for what I want. It can take several years, however if i believe in what I stand for it will become a success. The journey begins with patience and this patience is sometimes what breaks us to lose all drive or push us to succeed.

“If you don’t sell, it’s not the product that’s wrong, it’s you.”

Estee Lauder.



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