“I’m too fat!”- Young girls body image issues

Today a little girl who was about 9 years old came into my work with her mother, they were looking at clothes when her mother pointed out a pair of denim short shorts for the girl to wear. I was shocked when I heard the young girl reply to her mother stating “I’m too fat to wear them”.

little girl

This made me realise, the shocking truth about body image in today’s society and how it has now started to effect the young and innocent children before they hit their teen years.  Young girls in primary school should be excited to wear those bright and colourful outfits making all the fashion faux par moments they can, these are those moments we look back on and laugh about. We all have these memories of fluro outfits and stages of punk pieces of clothing which has developed our style to give us all our own unique and personal touches. However young girls are being bombarded with appearances that are lowering their self-esteem and I think it is time that we begin to make a change as the youngest and the most impressionable are being impacted.


The media needs to realise the impact they are having on not only the people involved in the scandals on the front of a magazine, however the young girls and boys that are exposed to the media. It is not only the media anymore, It doesn’t help that real-life role models, mothers in particular, too often openly obsess about their own weight; that male role models, like dads and older brothers, make clear their preference for thinner women; and that an overwhelming percentage of girls’ clothing features body-hugging, midriff-baring styles most comfortably worn by the ultra-thin.

It is shocking that we as adults suffer from low self-esteem in regards to body image, however when it starts effecting our young children, nieces, sisters, brothers and grandchildren, its time to stop and realise the damages and begin to make a change.

I wanna know what you guys think, as a parent, sister, brother or passer-by. How can we fix this issue and make it aware to everyone. Suggest something parents can do or just have your say.

Did you know that body image issues have starting to develop at such a young age?



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