Bikini Digital Diary

If Instagram is good for one thing, it’s making us feel bad with non-stop bikini pictures. As Summer rolls around our favourite digital diary is becoming an endless feed of scantily-clad supermodels, bloggers and media types. With no buy now button the the photos, you have to search for hours through comments to try and figure out the brand of the insanely gorgeous and fit girl to find the bikini you love. But we’ve come up with the next best thing — a round-up of where to shop all the best swimwear spotted on Instagram, with our favourites featured.


Cantik Swimwear


Triangl Swimwear


Acacia Swimwear

Amoreand sorvete

Amore and Sorvete Swimwear


EPV Swimwear


Gnash Swim


Kini Swimwear


Mikoh Swim


Nookie Swimwear




Private Party Swim


River Island Swimwear


SUBOO Swimwear


Seafolly Australia


Surania Swim


Mikoh Swim




SUBOO Swimwear


Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins

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Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi

Last week I took a look at international fashion labels, today I’m gonna let you know about the Australian designers who are taking over the Aussie fashion industry by storm, with their own unique stories and signature fashion designs.



The Maurie and Eve collections have a wonderful feminine aesthetic with a formidable sexy edge, with a contemporary use of fabrics, colour and fit.  The Maurie and Eve girl has a confident and relaxed approach to style with a knack for combining feminine styles with a tougher edge.


The Clarity Jumper Check is a new design in this seasons collection that has been designed with a contemporary fabric and fit, giving a pop of colour to this Winter with the woollen material to keep extra warm. The striking check print features a slight boat neck design which gives a sexy edge to the modern transformation of the woollen design. The dazed sandal is an edgy sandal that is a unique shoe design from Maurie and Eve, with the woollen wrap over slide with a toe hole and wooden base in check. This contemporary shoe design is new to the collection and adds a modern and edgy twist to the normal sandal and is a classic representation of the brand.


The Word Denim Jacket designed by Maurie and Eve has been seen on Abbey Lee Kershaw and has been synonymous with the brand becoming a viral piece through social media. The denim jacket has a masculine fit design with a modern use of the denim fabric, the masculinity inspiration has become a sexy edge for women’s fashion and Maurie and Eve have designed the denim staple jacket with a unique edge of the embroidered eagle on the back of the oversized vintage jacket. The eagle embroidery is an imprint on the design to signify the brand Maurie and Eve and become a synonymous creation to the modern Australian designer brand.






Winston Wolfe merges the style of the Parisian woman with the rawness of New York and the laid back Aussie style, with the brand signifying the spirit of now. Confident and metallic, Winston Wolfe creates avant-garde leather staple to run around the playground of the world.


A leather jacket is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, Winston Wolfe has designed a leather biker jacket that in forces a confident woman with the addition of an optional detachable fur collar which merges two contrasting fabrics into one piece recognising the combined style of the Parisian, New York and Aussie woman. The black biker jacket is a staple piece that reflects historical designs of the masculine leather jacket, however Winston Wolfe has created an edgy modern design of the leather jacket with the addition of the fur turning it into a statement piece and is something that will never go out of fashion reappearing every year in the fashion world.


Winston Wolfe is an Australian brand that was made big via Instagram, the Mia Wallace skirt was one of the first designs to become a viral sensation on Instagram when celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Jodi Gordon shared images of themselves wearing the Mia Wallace Skirt the item sold out instantly online. The skirt is made out of 100% Italian Lamb Leather, and Winston Wolfe is a major Australian label that has designed pieces out of the leather material adding crocodile leather to the equation and has become a success and synonymous material to Winston Wolfe.






Ksubi has been developed over the past 12 years being one of the most recognisable Australian brand in the international marketplace. Ksubi has developed into a tangible subculture; one the has encompassed fashion, art and music from their topical fashion aesthetic with the brands signature denim.


Ksubi is synonymous as the brand that provides their signature denim pieces and give a twist to the denim designs. In 2012/2013 Ksubi debuted the brands summer/spring collection on the runway in which they did so successfully daring the double denim that has become a huge trend, in which Ksubi provoked with their edgy yet risky designs. Ksubi is known for the feminine but also masculine cut designs for women, it is aimed at the girl who wants to take a risk with fashion and have a statement piece that grabs attention.


Not only have Ksubi concord the clothing side of fashion, but they are also taking over the global eyewear market. Ksubi has become a real game changer in the eyewear market with Ksubi sigma giving a unique take on eyewear design, with art imitating into the designs becoming apart of everyday life as sunglasses are an essential accessory. Ksubi communicate designs that have never been seen before and creates pieces that are not always communicable, the brand has managed to design brave pieces of pioneering eyewear with two functions to look amazing and avant-garde. Ksubi is one of few Australian brands that have managed to concur the fashion industry in both fashion and eyewear internationally that has made it a unique and well known brand globally.






Staple the label creates pieces that are timeless and directional with unexpected twists. The brand is adventurously individual by introducing new, intriguing silhouettes with exclusively developed fabrics and prints. The Staple the label design team combine high-end fashion inspiration and a translation of European trends for the Australian market. Precise attention to detail is delivered in easy to wear cutting edge styles that keep the Staple the label girl one step ahead.


Jacquie from Couture Caddy was spotted wearing head to toe Staple the Label at New York Fashion Week, which is a huge success for the Australian brand to be worn at an international fashion event. Staple the Label create separates that can be worn together giving a double take on style, with endless ways to wear their designs. The Organza top and skirt is a cutting edge style with a high-fashion twist, following the all white trend with a clean fresh and tying in with the minimalistic vibe.



The Poncho by Staple the Label is a timeless piece that has been redeveloped into a modern cut for the new winter season, with a developed fabric and print on trend. Staple the Label now take to the phenomenon of bloggers and uses it to their advantage to promote their clothing and keep ahead in the Australian Fashion industry.





Manning Cartell uses innovative fabrics of texture, prints and print that have become fundamental to the Australian label. The imagery drives and defines the tenor of Manning Cartell collections giving it the distinctive imprint being its visual richness framed by discipline cutting.


Manning Cartell’s brand awareness has become huge, however in 2012 the brand peaked as an Australian label to take it international when it featured on Olivia Palermo’s blog and website. The Australian brand was noted as “The next Aussie fashion export of note may be Manning Cartell. Sydney based and designed by three sisters, Vanessa, Gabriella and Cheryl Manning, the line has been showing at Australian fashion week since 2007 and has garnered a bevy of fashion forward international fans.” Featuring on a blog of a name that high in New York fashion must of been compelling and a push in the right direction for the brand to become inter nation success.

You can take a look at the blog post here 



The 2012 Spring/Summer collection titled ‘Pearls and Men’ caught eye attracting more buzz than previous collections. The collection mixed vintage glamour with sporty elements and masculine tailoring that has combined with traditional femininity through the pastel shades, silk fabrics and surface decorations. The simpler, baggier styles are ironically more flattering and were on trend for the modern woman. The collection shown of the Spring/Summer 2012 look book is one produced by Manning Cartell that has pushed the Australian label to start the process of marketing to the international market which is a huge success and is a goal for most Australian brands to entail as the next step after concurring the Aussie market.


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